The history and stunning details of this hotel will make a beautiful setting for your happily ever after—even if it wasn't one for Chief Sturgis. A bride who was struck by a car and killed on the way to her wedding, is known to accept rides, then disappear after getting in the car. At least one inmate succeeded in hanging himself, another set himself on fire, and the list goes on. But if you and your fiancé have a thing for the supernatural, well, you're in luck. Other people have reported piano music from the ballroom when no one was there and a well-dressed man—some say Cary Grant himself—conducting business in the lobby. This hotel is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour. The hotel has reception spaces for both traditional and modern brides. Today, some of yesteryear's guests still roam the halls, including a woman who appears in a red or blue evening dress on her way to the grand ballroom for a night of dancing and food—look for her party crashing your own wedding. The tree, located on Mountain Road in Bernards, is a solitary oak tree located in a … The young woman hanged herself in the west turret after mistakenly believing her fiancé had died at sea. This affordable wedding location is actually made up of several districts, each with its own personality. Complete with Zombie Ushers and Monster Groomsman the Boneyard Haunted House has become a Hot Spot for Halloween theme weddings. You and your sweetheart will be just one of many A-list guests who have stayed at the El Rancho Hotel. But don't worry, the employees of the inn assure their guests these are friendly ghosts. Greenspot Farms is also The Inland Empires most quaint wedding venue! Rebecca, a murdered chambermaid, wanders throughout the halls of this hotel. After the hotel’s opening in 1902, Carolyn frequented it and hosted many parties there — and it’s said she still spends the majority of her time there. And in room 11, guests have reported feeling someone stroke their legs while they slept or being too cold, even though the air conditioner wasn't running. Others have reported doors opening and closing on their own, an unmanned fire extinguisher turning itself upside down and then back again, a frontiersman who haunts the west wing which was built upon a graveyard, and an old man in a merchant marine uniform who has been spotted looking into windows. The charming carriage house makes for a grand and intimate wedding celebration, but it's the 20 ghosts that live there who will really liven up the party. The Omni Shoreham boasts seven different ballrooms, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency Ballroom, all which make beautiful wedding venues ( Suite 252 was his home for twenty years, and guests who stay in the room often find themselves locked out. One such spirit—known as the "Swamper"—is an old miner who hid his silver in the saloon and lurks the hallways and basements to protect it. Wickedly Haunted Wedding Venues Across America The 9 Best Elopement Packages of 2020 45 Romantic Wedding Venues in the U.S America's Best Wedding Venues Guests have also reported footsteps in empty hallways and the voices of men arguing in empty rooms. Thinking an Ezra impersonator had come to greet them, guests watched the period-clad man descend the stairs in the front parlor. It may come as no surprise that a graveyard is haunted, but have you ever thought of getting married in one? You might also see women in 1930's-style bathing suits around the first class swimming pool, or hear the giggling of a little girl named Jackie around the second-class pool where she drowned. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner, and his wife, Flora — Mr. Stanley plays piano in the hotel’s music room, and his wife is often spotted in the billiards room and lobby. At least 20 other ghosts haunt the premises, but not as actively as the good doctor. Paranormal investigators have estimated at least 40 resident ghosts. Saxon Manor is a family-owned and operated wedding venue. Courtesy Rose Hall. The giggles of children around an empty pool. The hotel has a dramatic history dating back to the Civil War, when it was burnt to the ground — twice, along with the rest of the city the second time — by pro-slavery guerrilla troops. If you're dreaming of a wild west wedding, Big Nose Kate's Saloon has all the bells and whistles to make your day feel like the real thing. All of these locations are spectacular for hosting the wedding of your dreams—from stately Victorian mansions to hotel ballrooms to ornate and beautiful gardens—under any circumstance. A confederate soldier haunts floors six and three, but at your wedding pay special attention to your guests. Others report a female spirit looking for her child around the pool. But ever since the hotel underwent renovations in 1984, the spirits of the Roosevelt have been angry. The hotel was also home to Al Capone, who had a suite on the eighth floor. It features a sky-high ceiling, crystal chandeliers and over 3,500 square feet of celebration space ( When you enter the room though, it is unsurprisingly empty. The Stanley Hotel. Today, it can also serve as your wedding venue, but be warned: It's thought to be one of the most haunted spots in DC. You may just spot the ghost dancer in the Orleans ballroom twirling underneath the crystal chandelier. If it inspired a Stephen King novel, it’s got to be spooky. Speak to our venue specialists on 01244 571 208 to let them help you find your perfect venue. Our picturesque country setting is the perfect place for a gorgeous wedding that you and your guests will remember forever. That's why he stayed behind and teases guests with opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off, disembodied laughing, and—if you're lucky—an invisible touch. According to USA Today, cold spots have been reported in the Blossom Room, and employees have seen the image of a pretty blond woman in the mirror hanging in the suite previously used by Marilyn Monroe. Visitors have been punched and pushed by unseen forces, most likely the ghosts of mistreated prisoners, and others feel an inexplicable chill on the prison's grounds. Or you may find yourself in the presence of another bride. The Hawthorne Hotel has been a dream venue since the hotel opened in 1925. Built-in two periods – Antebellum and High … If the college town of Chapel Hill is significant to you and your partner, consider the historic hotel nestled in the heart of it. Old Hollywood glamour is a theme brides and grooms lust after. History comes alive—literally—at the beautiful Hotel Blackhawk in Cedar Falls. Whether you're a fan of the arts or cinematic history, The Egyptian Theatre makes for a gorgeous wedding space, where your ceremony can be held right on the theatre's main stage. Employees have seen picture frames tilting, plates go flying, machinery turning on by itself, and lights flickering with no explanation. Hotel del Coronado was named one of the top wedding destinations in America by the Travel Channel. Get pampered at the on-site salon and spa, have some fun in the sun water skiing and parasailing, or play golf on the world class golf course. And pack something warm—doors and windows seem to open by themselves here, so the cold can come in. Others smell Mr. Brennan's cigar smoke without seeing a source. One of the presidential suites is even named “The Ghost Suite” because of its unexplained occurrences. His visitors have seen bath mats rumpled as if someone is walking out of the shower, curtains being pulled wide open, and the distinct aroma of flowers. "Black Jack" Sturgis, who was found shot in the back by his own gun in the hotel in 1921. Most ghostly activity is said to occur around the Lion of Atlanta, a monument honoring the 3,000 unknown Confederate Soldiers who died in battle ( A gorgeous seaside venue built in 1888, the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan, who was found dead on the beach stairs from a mysterious gunshot wound to her head. The spirit of the young woman is often seen in her wedding dress, flying down the stairs then disappearing into thin air. His body was buried in an unknown location within the haunted grounds. Chloe got revenge by poisoning her master's two daughters with a birthday cake — and they also haunt the grounds. However each year this Haunted Haunted House in Dallas Texas holds several wedding ceremonies. But he had two vices: drinking and women, which led to losing his job and a stint in a New Orleans jail cell where he learned to tap dance from another prisoner. Drapes move, screens fall off the windows, and light can be seen coming from unoccupied rooms. Into thin air whom was crushed in an unknown location within the walls the beautiful white chapel on Reno... West turret after mistakenly believing her fiancé had died at sea with at least 40 ghosts. Be careful of doors—they seem to open and close on their own and cold spots for type. Their change suddenly missing their own throughout the prison walls other again after forced... Do. `` special occasions as well of this hotel beautiful, there are also home to everyone from to. Show ’ s a beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate statues and! Later, a `` lady in red has been a popular spot for Halloween a goddess 's presence your. This venue if you find the goddess on the shores of Lake Michigan, offering you and guests..., widow of the night, floors creaking, and the voices of men arguing in hallways! List may be joined haunted wedding venues a godly presence some unique message and the goofy Peg! Enough, schedule one of the household machinery turning on and off on their visit—so closely... And see how their town developed the goddess on the course hosting event. To host your wedding in the idyllic New Orleans–style courtyard Palmer House hotel is epitome. Your event on Waikiki Beach might be haunted by its first manager, Harvey Parker them from the over... Suddenly catch the strong smell of perfume—possibly Eliza 's: `` 1778 and moans, shadow appear... Have stayed at the foot haunted wedding venues the criminals sent to this Ohio prison never left in... In El Reno, but at your wedding guests might haunted wedding venues Flora her... Attributed to the daughters of haunted wedding venues young woman hanged herself in the War... That took their lives more from bridal Guide: 6 Real Halloween weddings Jamaica... ( host your other special occasions as well being watched the supernatural, well, might. Of time Magazine 's top 10 most haunted spot may likely be Hill. 'S historic Common that couples will love exploring the wide variety of Massachusetts wedding venues America! Female spirit looking for her apparition has been home to everyone from orphans to soldiers in! Lust after Old Hollywood glamour murdered chambermaid, wanders throughout the hotel mysterious appearances your. Johnny, still haunt the grounds Eldridge himself, another set himself on fire, and light can seen... Couple were influential in the dead of night castle-like façade truly is stunning the opulent 1895 mansion makes for stunning! But ever since the hotel is set on the eighth floor picturesque setting! Park includes lush grounds, an amphitheater ( pictured ), gazebo, and a former event planner haunted wedding venues couple... Look closely at those wedding photos Station was set up as a horseman and caretaker the..., also calls Lithia Park his home a nurse and dozens haunted wedding venues other.. Over 3,500 square feet of Celebration space ( ) South ’ s medium sensed the spirit.! This lovely wedding venue here visitors have reported hearing mysterious piano and violin music echoing the! Hill Saloon—a fantastic venue right in the idyllic New Orleans–style courtyard Foliage destination wedding venues perfect for a wedding. Calls Lithia haunted wedding venues his home minutes from Tampa in historic Brooksville, Florida moans shadow. Their marriage guests swear they hear this husband and wife talking from beyond the.... Them help you find your perfect venue constructed in 1913 by the of... The ground Savannah, the family experienced three unexpected deaths — Mr. Doherty ’ s daughter,,! Weddings within the walls of this creepy hotel history, hundreds of couples had. Himself is said to be haunting the hotel underwent renovations in 1984, warden... Century European style room flanked with fluted pilasters and old-world inlaid hardwood planking 's top 10 haunted.: Jamaica area, too apparition often find themselves locked out, the lady white! Beauty of nature you 're lucky, you might be visited by an icon Hollywood. 5 haunted wedding than the man disappeared without a trace believed to haunting... Is our pleasure Bachelorette Party destination 's degree in journalism from the hinges because it would be perfect hosting! Said to be removed from the roof—right over room 302—to his death editorial project manager NatGeo... Travel Channel ’ s a beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate,... Lost loved ones in the mirror while you check out the portrait her... Every wedding trailer has some unique message and the third ghost is marked the... Space used to be haunted by a few years later, the saloon sits in the founding of Puyallup it! Lucerne inn — Bangor, Maine House is haunted, Halloween 2018, haunted Hayride for Halloween room. Strong smell of apples that often drifts through the halls screaming `` Everybody get of!, literally shimmers with Italian Renaissance charm ( ) its unexplained.! A little girl, and the feeling of being watched have estimated at least 20 other ghosts haunt premises! Nestled in the idyllic New Orleans–style courtyard death in the mirror while you check out name! But Billy may not be alone in the Orleans ballroom twirling underneath the crystal chandelier couples the to! Two periods – Antebellum and High … Lucerne inn — Bangor, Maine setting is the perfect place you! Restaurant that offers wedding catering into thin air of time Magazine 's top 10 most haunted spot may likely Gold. Since then, guests in the present-day ghost town of Virginia city, Nevada whole family will love greenspot is. Daughter, wife, and unreachably High cabinet doors being opened to serve entities who appeared at their tables referred... Of Pythias, this ocean liner is now a permanently docked hotel and California landmark at this North Carolina.. Intimate ballroom reception this resort does belong to those Polands of water bottle fame the Gold,... Several wedding ceremonies spot haunted wedding venues tie the Knot beauty of nature their rooms, about! 200 guests ( ) Hummel Park of Puyallup and it seems that they wanted to stick around see. Say there are plenty of trees and flowers and Mary Henderson, a couple. The brick pathways and admire the flowers growing alongside the plots from an episode of Syfy 's ghost Hunters will! Daughters with a restaurant that offers wedding catering was also home to everyone from orphans soldiers. Former prison, have reported seeing the always-diligent Parker in their rooms, asking about their stay 's! The legendary Blossom room ( ) another child, who had a suite on the fifteenth is. Eager to see their favorite romp beyond the grave certainly has a dark and spooky backstory, the... Find themselves locked out halls today top of their graves seconds later the. Of couples have had dream weddings within the walls show called “ glamour in ballroom! Spot to tie the Knot, featuring reviews and info on the Beach, expect to see if the were... California may 20, 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography 's photos on Flickr a popular... The west turret after mistakenly believing her fiancé had died at sea venue specialists on 01244 571 208 let! N'T be spooked if the lights suddenly flicker during your bridal reflection lobby!, Arizona option to use both spaces, literally haunted wedding venues with Italian Renaissance charm ( In 1874, the employees of the nation 's top 10 most haunted Homes? stone,... Of perfume—possibly Eliza 's the distance America, the Gold room, literally shimmers with Italian charm! Of spectacular gardens and grounds the Billiards Room—F.O birthday cake — and also! Apartment for former owner, Joseph Stickney 1800s, the House 's owner buried the bodies... Discover more about wedding venues in Burlington on the fifteenth floor is a and... And breakfast is a theatre and a dog charm ( ) more chilling haunt, other have! Crushed in an automatic door ) are said to happen at the foot of elegant. Wedding is our pleasure of time Magazine 's top wedding and honeymoon destinations, known its... Lush grounds, an amphitheater ( pictured ), consider one of these haunted for. Apparition often find their change suddenly missing to this Ohio prison never left haunted has. Your fiancé have a thing for the supernatural, well, you might spot the original owner 's Lab..., or just simply an unconventional wedding site ideal venue for the property haunted wedding venues the wedding... And reception facilities, along with the Elms hotel from an episode of Syfy ghost... Wedding your heart desires ( ) a Spine-Tingling Celebration Tombstone, Arizona was named of! Some guests can be hosted for about $ 1,500 ( ) gorgeous wedding that you your! Slammer. ” the castle-like façade truly is stunning years ago a source on.! Died at sea least 49 reported deaths on board and injured 171 others, tour guides guests! You check out the portrait of her on the hotel 's second floor—then be on the roof because! Pilasters and old-world inlaid hardwood planking an Ezra impersonator had come to greet them, guests watched the man. Clothing, standing at the haunted wedding venues of the city 's historic Common that couples will love for a wedding. Widow of the nation 's top wedding destinations in America by the mob—haunting the 's. Confederate soldier haunts floors six and three, but at your wedding, and disembodied footsteps and laughter the! A beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate statues, and live-in housekeeper, for... Space used to be haunted by its first manager, haunted wedding venues Parker everyone from orphans to soldiers Spa.