Leading Diver Simon Wharton, of Portsmouth, will be decorated with the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his actions. Lv 4. What we did on this last deployment was go ten ways for $20 and purchased a Seagate Wireless 2TB hard drive. If you don't live near a navy base with a diving unit you won't be going home every night Posted from the Navy Net mobile app (Android / iOS) B. BlueFin Newbie. However, I know on the LHD they used a sniffer and would look for cellular devices left on, so stay safe or lose your phone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Diver seems like it would always be something new to do, and to do it underwater would just be cool.I would the navy diver would have a pretty high deployment rate as you be on a ship. It involves frequent and long deployments. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CanadianForces community. I also tried not to take it two days in a row. Unless this is your first deployment, you already know that smokes and dip are profitable commodities at some point in deployment, but the thing that I had extra of and did well on unintentionally was ZZZQuil. History. My first deployment in 2006, was the advent of the portable DVD player and a rack being taken up by seasons of 24 and Seinfeld. The vast majority of Navy deployments are at sea on Naval ships and submarines, though there are many deployments since 9-11 that allow for Navy personnel to deploy to various ports and bases around the world and in combat zones filling joint military billets. -Games - any and all. -VLC - this plays just about everything and you can stream and save videos from other devices. The caveat to that, at least with Sprint and Verizon is that you only get 500MB before you get massively throttled back. I have four Deployments on two classes of ships (SSN/LSD) on my Navy Rack Packs. Starting Salary. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a06l7. It used to be that you had to seek out a bar and try to get a shitty Skype call in, but now, in most countries, most US carriers support a $10 a day plan that gives you your existing American plan overseas. Lent a hard drive to a chief and he cut and paste instead of copy and paste. -Countdown Star - xxx days and a wake up... Google Translate - save every water bordering countries language offline. My understanding is that taking that route pretty much takes them completely out of the normal MARS career progression stream. Lv 6. I will list it in essential deployment apps later. FudgemsBox. PART ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction “Navy clearance divers are the human face of undersea warfare. Reply. For anything Navy related, not limited to US Navy. So, here's a few things that you already know but hopefully pick something useful up. Or dive qualified through JTF-2 or through being a SAR Tech, I suppose, but both of those are harder to get into on their own than clearance diver. If it’s in the way, he moves it. They also, search for missing persons and conduct underwater engineering on ships and structures. Royal Navy diver who risked life to recover dead fisherman from sinking ship is honoured for his bravery A ROYAL Navy diving expert who risked his own life to recover the body of a dead fisherman from a sinking boat is today being honoured for his bravery. “We want to stand up a new numbered fleet,” Braithwaite said at the time. Edit: instead of carrying outlet adapters, I carried an external battery around. Zzzquil, for me at least, has replaced melatonin pills and seems to work pretty good. A United States Navy diver refers to a volunteer that may be a restricted fleet line (Engineering Duty) officer, civil engineer corps (CEC) officer, Medical Corps officer, or an enlisted (ND rating) who is qualified in underwater diving and salvage. I was FaceTime videoing at about 200MB/hr. Combat Diver Qualification Course challenges Special Forces. You could get a sea deployment lasting months at a time, or you could get a shore draft were you can only go home at the weekends. Job W. Price had signed off on the final report on the ambush killing of an enlisted Navy SEAL team member. Also, I got a one plugin to six USB charger off eBay for my berthing cube so no one was hogging a whole outlet for one phone. Where You Are Stationed . So useful. For Officers, Clearance Diver is a D-level specialization available for MARS officers. Jan 22, 2014 #3 SWS Fag said: It's not like Civvy diving mate. Also, people on the surface don't believe the shit I tell them. Forgot one thing: BUY MORE COVERALLS. Your job as a Navy Diver could encompass many dive specialties, including: Salvage and recovery – Locating and retrieving wreckage; conducting harbor and waterway clearance, underwater repairs and salvage operations in all environments. If it’s sunk, he brings it up. Navigation, Combat and Security. The phone and texting are unlimited if your plan is, but don't be trying to update 25 apps with it. If it is lost underwater, he finds it. Any hard sea trade is eligible for the ship's team diver course (actually I'm pretty sure any trade posted aboard is eligible, but if your end goal is clearance diver, I don't think joining under a trade which might not have you ever posted to ship will help); whether or not you personally will be able to convince your bosses to let you go on said course is naturally another question entirely. Aviation Rescue Swimmer (ARS) Training Overview . Cmdr. Lesson learned, make a whole back up if it's small enough. Also, it's dangerous to be taking creative and other stuff esp if you have a physical job. There are a lot of Canadian Armed Forces members on reddit, and a lot of Canadians who honestly & truly love the fine folks in uniform. I use DVD Decryptor to rip the DVD and Handbrake to encode it. But in SF there are many 18D DMT's who are not divers. Otherwise, when you open the tub in berthing and then stink out everyone within 45 square feet of your rack, you will be banished to the smoke deck to drink your garbage in solitude and/or have your putrid powder deep-sixed. Press J to jump to the feed. Navy Diver 2nd Class Tommy McConnell.Photo courtesy of Tommy McConnell. Edit: we sold the wireless drive at the end of deployment and everyone got 15 of 20$ back off the sale. This is one of the most physically demanding roles in the Royal Navy. -Podcasts - if you deleted it, get it back and find some that peak your interest and save a lot of episodes. -VPN Proxy Master - if you go to a middle eastern country and want to FaceTime your family or download torrents, then you will need a VPN. Clearance Diver Deployments. I'm sure there are others here that can provide a lot more information than I can. I would be careful with the pass around the hard drive thing. You are running an anti-virus on your laptop, right? By Ms. Linda Crippen (TRADOC) March 8, 2011 Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share on Reddit; Share on LinkedIn Ordered food from a Turkish food stand in France with particular needs and it's flawless. Bring a 4TB to pass around and collect new stuff onboard so you can freshen the supply on the wireless. Jun 1, 2017 #4 TLDR20 said: I don't know about the Navy. Being a diver is great, I've dove all over the world, jumped out of planes, rappeled out of helicopters, blown shit up, and partied my ass off. Location. -Convert Any - good for metric/English and currency conversion. Just make sure you have 7-8 hours to sleep before taking it. Once you qualify, you will be put into a draft and will be picked up for a contract if your numbers are good enough. What we did on this last deployment was go ten ways for $20 and purchased a Seagate Wireless 2TB hard drive. All it take is one idiot to infect it with a virus, and everyone's day is ruined. The TAO would set a particular condition and we secured it temporarily. EDIT: a few messages on EMCON, but we didn't seem to have a problem. Joined Jun 1, 2017 Messages 16. Being a Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diver means you’re part bomb disposal master, part sub-aqua specialist. If you haven't deployed in the last few years because you've been in shipyard, shore duty, etc, then your first inclination will be to repack your portable DVD player and 256 disc wallet. I rarely wear a uniform, and we work out everyday. For most of you, you now have a laptop and hard drive that you pass around berthing to get those Fuller House episodes. Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting: 3: Jul 22, 2019: Re Join question. Like you said, unless it's a meal replacement it isn't necessary, really, but if you're reading this and about to deploy on a carrier, consider taking some. Mostly in the Middle East. Service. It's a totally different life from regular navy, we pmlay by big boy rules and skip most of the bull shit. Specialisation. But those struggles paled in comparison to the mission that cost him his leg. A clearance diver is an exciting career path for men and women of the Navy. So go pay off an LS. Depending on your contract, you could be in for tours of duty that can last up to 3 years. FACE THE CHALLENGE. Brashear was told repeatedly that he couldn’t be a Navy diver: no black man ever had. Don't go buy hundreds of dollars worth of nonsense to go on deployment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Controller-Classic-Joystick-Android/dp/B014QP2H1E. Our group, mostly 25-32 year olds, loved crushing massive amounts of NatGeo documentaries. 1 decade ago. These change daily, but have plenty. Those two alone will take up hundreds of hours and you can get some puzzle games too or childhood classics. Things have changed in this game. To get a diver contract you have to first be in DEP. The question I ask is that on the recruitment web site it use to have it under all naval trades then it just vanished on most. Can I also add that if you do intend on bringing some form of protein powder, make sure it doesn't smell like the inside of Satan's asshole before you buy it. You don't even really need whey protein unless you're using it as a meal replacement. The motto of the Navy Diver community is “We dive the world over”. By enlisting in the Navy, you can expect being separated from your loved ones for long periods of time on your deployments. -Video Saver - if you're downloading concerts, documentaries, or the catalog of Dude Perfect, then video saver will be perfect. I just got back last weekend, woo me. Joe Rogan, Podley Crue, and Sex with Emily are good ones. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. When Brashear enlisted, black sailors were only offered jobs like serving white officers meals or cleaning up. Navy Eod Diver. Are there other jobs that are harder then others to convince then say something else. Because there’s only a handful of divers on any ship, you’ll form close bonds with your team and be central to their – and your crewmates’ – safety. This unofficial subreddit is in support of past, present and future members of the Canadian Armed Forces, their families, & the great people of Canada. 0 0. vaz. One thing I would add is that if your laptop has an optical drive, you can make some nice change by knowing how to rip DVD/BluRays. Thread starter Doc001; Start date Nov 11, 2019; Tags advice clearance diver diver mine clearance diver surface fleet D. Doc001 Newbie. My first deployment in 2006, was the advent of the portable DVD player and a rack being taken up by seasons of 24 and Seinfeld. 4 years ago . To prevent non payer sharing, I was the only one with the password and I entered it into each persons devices. A better plan would have been to buy it myself and charge monthly rent at $10 a month per person and changed the password on the first and chip to chip new money. Works offline and updates currency when on wifi. If you've got access to a space with some room, hang a sheet, bring some popcorn and you've got divisional movie night. Regardless, expect to spend up to a half a year or more at sea every few years. man I can't imagine what you would be doing in your rack with a tablet that would be better if you had the use of your hands... HD pocket projectors are getting affordable, especially with a cost share. Plus flight deck clothing. Easily stowed in a rack or drawer, many support USB drives in addition to HDMI. Depends on your boat. FYI, Netflix offline only works for a week before you have to reconnect. I'm also done explaining what an ETV is, screw everyone... Ooh, five years off subs, can't wait to go back , Also can get creative with some velcro and the roof of your rack with the tablet for hands free. On the carrier I deployed on the lines were so long that many, many days I'd only eat one meal. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. TV shows seemed to be more popular than actual movies now. whether or not you personally will be able to convince your bosses to let you go on said course is naturally another question entirely. You will need a VPN app for your phone or tablet for that. On the NCM side, the pre-req is that you have the ship's team diver course, the port inspection diver course, or the combat diver course.